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You’re not the boss of me

I know where it’s coming from. It’s the backlash of political hate mongering from both sides of the isle. It’s a community’s way of reminding us of the truly important things in life. The sentiment is in the right place. I’m just not crazy about the delivery.

Like many control freaks, I don’t like being told what to do, especially by a faceless meme that is spouting the obvious and covering my Facebook page with shared hallmark-like pros that are both ubiquitous and unnecessary.

To get to the point, I’m glad, Facebook Community, that you appreciate your child, parent, grandparent, civil servant, clergyman, neighbor, pet, and pen pal. Good for you. In many of those cases, I feel the same way. But commanding that I share said meme to prove my feelings is a bit bossy, and frankly, none of your business.

Maybe I have good reason not to like my cousins. Maybe they were snotty little ingrates who picked on me. Maybe my mother is a guilt-wielding shrew who reminds me regularly how I stole her youth and ruined her plumbing. You don’t know, Facebook Machine.

And that’s my point. The sentiment is just generalized mush that’s super easy to skim over, say “sure, that sounds nice,” and hit “share” without a second thought. And I’m not having it. I won’t share, and you can’t make me.

If you want me to share something, take some actual time out of your internet surfing day and  tell me about your uncle, nephew, day care lady, or hamster, and give examples to illustrate what makes them so gosh darn special. That would be worth my time. You might even get that ever sought after “amen” that you’ve been looking for. You never know. So ends this gripe.

I had a thought….No, there it went…

Sometimes there are events in life that simply render a perfectly capable and conscious person bereft of any sort of cognitive contribution. I’m just starting to find my way out of such an event.

Not that it was a total shock. I knew it was coming. There was preparation in play. It’s just the event chose to move its date up by a month and a half and throw all my well laid plans to dust (ha, another win for never bothering to make plans).

As such, contingencies and compromises took over, resulting in priorities shifting very quickly. As you can tell my my recent and severe lack of communication, my writing suffered greatly from the shift.

I hope to find my way back very soon. I acknowledge the personal importance of writing as well as its importance to those around me. The writing helps to keep things in check in my head, like the important component in my emotional ecosystem. Without it, shit goes wacky in a bad, bad way. That’s not good for anybody.

Consider this my first attempt at restoration. Let’s hope for all our sake, it’s repeated constructively and often.


Facing Adversity

From the time I was old enough to form an understandable sentence, I had  the adage drilled into my head that, “life is not fair.” I imagine it’s not fair for everyone at some point in time. We all make sacrifices, one way or another, bargain with ourselves to put up with this painful change or that, tolerate this injustice or that, for the sake of better times down the road. We wager that the “not fair” part will swing away from us and leave behind the “overly blessed” to make up the difference. That somehow life will become fair, even if it isn’t now. But that’s the point. It won’t.

There will always be those who look to us to have too much prosperity, and those who look like they live their entire lives in destitution and want. There will always be winners who always win, and losers who never get a break. Yet we all press on, all struggle to gain that little piece of security that will make us feel in control of our destinies. Our big brains just refuse to accept the fact that our world is full of chaos and anarchy that has no interest in our grand plans. No matter how well we prepare, sometimes life just happens, and it’s usually not fair.

My writing is a form of escapism for me from the real life that seems to just happen to me on an absurdly regular basis. Presently, I am juggling so many bargains with the callous world that ignores my goals that I can barely form a cohesive thought. All I can do at the moment is hang on and wait for some break so I can breathe and see what I’m left to work with. Bear with me.