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Holy Cow, it’s been a while

I don’t know if anyone is still reading this blog. My life has gotten pretty hectic since the last post, if that’s any excuse. I got a new full time real job. I sold a house and moved. My other full time job just started school. It’s nuts.

I guess the folks at Lollygagger’s Acres are hibernating until I can give them some proper attention. They’re not banished from existence, not yet, just in a kind of stasis. It’s hard after ten years to keep them vital, growing, interesting.

Part of that process is allowing my characters to change and grow. I don’t know if readers appreciate that or not. Some of of the more popular suspense heroes and heroines I’ve witnessed in the last decade never really seem to do so. They just soldier on from one crisis, one dead body, to the next, no residual repercussions, no great psychological changes, just keep your head down and wait for the next blood bath.

Does that seem logical? Does it matter? Is the expectation of the reader so tempered into acceptance, that no emotional investment is required any longer? I wonder. I know the publishing houses don’t seem to care. “Just crank out what we pay you for, please.”

I hope I’m not doing that. I hate to be formulaic. I guess we’ll see.