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The long awaited journey into Spring is finally coming to an end. April turned out to be the snowiest month of the Winter. As I gaze out my office windows at all the white where brown is suppose to be, I guess the stats are probably right.

You would think all this extra time I would normally spend searching the garden for perennials would have been put to proper use by writing. Alas, you would be mistaken. Sure, there have been bursts here and there of something akin to inspiration; another plot point added to the outline of my overdue book. Beyond that, however, lies resignation and depression. Instead of typing away at my keyboard, I have sullenly hunkered down in front of the television and waited stubbornly for that warm sunny day that’s been hiding just out of reach.

What fates await my neglected characters? Am I bored with them? Have they become passé, mere shadows of their former vibrant selves? I don’t think so. If anything, they’ve become more rounded, fuller. Their relationships are constantly shifting with every new discovery and every harrowing adventure.

Am I bored with place? Hardly. This chunk of real estate that I call home is so ripe with history and culture. Maybe someone with a more sophisticated mindset might not use those two adjectives to describe this odd little neck of the woods. But I think the best history is discussed in whispers of gossip over abundant but weak coffee. As to the culture, it may be course and reserved, but the characters it creates almost always deserve further examination.

So I still have faith that I will write again. That ray of belief and self affirmation will shine on my face and warm me before I know it. A story can seem monotonous and daunting one moment, then suddenly turn on a dime and take me where I wasn’t expecting. Like the weather. Like life.