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The reality of making Dairyland Murders into a TV series..

The reality of sex scenes on the big (and little) screen. Hmm. Enough to kill even Agent Wyatt’s fictionally colossal boner.

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I seriously can ‘t make this up…

DARLINGTON — An Argyle man who helped kill his three young nephews in a house fire last September did not receive the maximum sentences Thursday and has just a sliver of a chance of not spending the rest of his life in prison.

Jeremy Wand, 19, was sentenced to three life terms to be served concurrently and with eligibility for parole after 35 years for deliberately starting fires in a house that killed Allen Wand, 7; Jeffery Wand, 5; and Joseph Wand, 3.

“I hope not to see anything that could be worse than this,” Green County Circuit Judge Thomas Vale told Wand. “It doesn’t get any worse than this.”

Wand’s brother, Armin Wand III, 33, was sentenced by Vale in April to three life terms to be served consecutively with no hope of parole after he admitted to wanting to kill his family so he could cash in on their life insurance policies and get a “fresh start” with his life.

Jeremy Wand, who was 18 at the time, set most of the fires in the rented home during the early-morning hours of Sept. 7 after his brother offered him $300 to help him, according to court documents.
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Trajedy at MOA. Honestly, real people just scare me…

From the Milwaukee Journal:

Minnesota woman still missing, feared dead

St. Paul, Minn. – St. Paul police have received more than a dozen leads from a tip line set up to help find a missing Minnesota woman, but haven’t yet found her, a spokesman said Saturday.

“At this point it’s difficult to qualify the leads until we follow them all the way through,” said department spokesman Howie Padilla.

Kira Trevino, 30, was last seen the night of Feb. 21 as she left work at the Mall of America, but authorities found so much blood in her car and home in St. Paul that they believe she is dead. Her husband, Jeffery Dale Trevino, was charged Thursday with two counts of second-degree murder.

From various TV news reports, I have gathered other facts.

They found the trunk liner from Kira’s car soaked in her blood. There was blood evidence in various rooms all over the house, suggesting she put up a struggle before her alleged death. The carpet was pulled up in the home by authorities, revealing a pool of blood that made the impression of a head and torso.

But, honestly, what freaked me out were the pictures of the couple. In every single picture Kira was smiling, but Jeffery was not. If this was a visual devise used by the media to portray Jeffery as cold blooded, it was well played.