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On the move

October was nuts in my personal life. When our home, recently cleared of questionable renters, failed to sell, we moved back into it from our gigantic, but weird and precarious office building, so my ever growing full time job would have a safe environment in which to crawl/run around.

I did write, but it wasn’t much and is still sitting in my notebook, waiting to be added to the electronic rough draft that is Woman in the Wind.

That doesn’t mean the story isn’t progressing, in my head, anyway. The characters are on the move, working around each other, like on a giant figurative chess board. Everyone is hiding something. Secret agendas abound. Deadly debts will be called in. Revenge is lurking, waiting to come to fruition.

And encompassing all this intrigue is the burning question all my fans are begging to have answered. Will Bernice and Evan FINALLY live happily ever after?

But, being the meany author that I have proved, time and again to be, I pose you a different question. Will Bernice and Evan live? Muhaha.