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I had a thought….No, there it went…

Sometimes there are events in life that simply render a perfectly capable and conscious person bereft of any sort of cognitive contribution. I’m just starting to find my way out of such an event.

Not that it was a total shock. I knew it was coming. There was preparation in play. It’s just the event chose to move its date up by a month and a half and throw all my well laid plans to dust (ha, another win for never bothering to make plans).

As such, contingencies and compromises took over, resulting in priorities shifting very quickly. As you can tell my my recent and severe lack of communication, my writing suffered greatly from the shift.

I hope to find my way back very soon. I acknowledge the personal importance of writing as well as its importance to those around me. The writing helps to keep things in check in my head, like the important component in my emotional ecosystem. Without it, shit goes wacky in a bad, bad way. That’s not good for anybody.

Consider this my first attempt at restoration. Let’s hope for all our sake, it’s repeated constructively and often.