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I really hate marketing

Well, the 5th book is finally done. I went though all the rigamarole to create a pre-order, offering 20% off. Do you know how many orders I’ve had in the last two weeks? Three.

Where are you?

Where are all you fans who were touting how much you loved my work and couldn’t wait for the next book? Did you mean that? I made you wait, and now you are through with me? Where is that nice lady from New Jersey, or that other nice lady from Texas? Where’s that binge-reading gentleman from Ohio? Have you abandoned me for another author? One with the same genre, but maybe her smart ass heroine is from Iowa instead of Wisconsin?

Sigh….I really wish I could have granted your wishes on demand, but that would have required half-assed writing off the cuff with plot holes big enough to drive a car through. Well rounded characters require back stories, research, and, damn it all anyway, time to come into their own.

So, now, as with every book, I must evaluate my present my marketing and ask myself, “Who’s not finding me?”

There are challenges, of course, first and foremost, my own stubbornness. I don’t enjoy marketing. It seems like one has to be plugged in all the time, and frankly that much external chaos is too disruptive to my internal chaos. More often than not, my phone is out of juice because I rarely use it. It gets the most use during the growing season, because I’m taking pictures of my plants, not tweeting to non-existant followers about random thoughts.

But if it will sell more books, that is what I must do. I must find ways to reach people and stay connected. I need to look at other marketing strategies and actually make an effort to use them. I can’t blame others for not finding me or for losing me if I don’t make the effort to be found, and to stay found.

Stupid marketing. Where are the clairvoyant mystery fans?

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