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The Christmas Hangover

I honestly don’t know how people with kids do it. All I have is a husband, three cats, and a handful of relatives that I am beholding to on any holiday, and my ass is draggin’. I’m not kidding. I fell asleep at 8:30 last night, and all I had to do yesterday was show up at my parent’s house with a bag of dinner rolls, and that was left over from dinner with the hubby’s parents the night before.

Last year I hosted Christmas for both families. It was mentioned to me that such an occurrence was pleasant enough to bear repeating. I may need a couple more Christmases in between first.

Meanwhile, there’s that pesky fourth book I was suppose to have done by now. In a wasted effort to make a few special presents to pass around, the paperback is done. If you really have to have it, you can get it here:


Meanwhile, I’m revamping the other three books with discounts and more ebook options through smashwords. If you want to see those, go here:

New! Smashwords Ebooks

The ebook of Book 4 will be ready before the end of the year, along with updates on Facebook, as well as this blog. I also hope to do a book trailer for the series on Youtube, probably next summer after Blonde in the Backwaters, Dairyland Murders Book 5 is done. Also throwing around another screenplay idea for Larry and the folks at to take a possible gander at. Something about Tesla…

Sheesh. That does sound like a lot doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why I’m really tired, and Christmas is just a convenient excuse. Hmm.