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Writing as a job

Let me start out by saying, yuck. I hate this part of the process. Inevitably, every time I finish up a book, I have to retool my marketing of the Dairyland Murders Series. This means this is (at least) the sixth time I’ve had to go back in, look at where I’m selling and where I’m not, and try to figure out how in the hell to sell more.

I repeat, yuck. I love the writing. That’s the fun part. Honestly, that’s the easy part, because I am the god of my story. I have the power. I determine everything, settings, characters, plot twists, crime scenes, sex scenes. It’s all mine.

That being said, I can’t make you buy my books. I can’t make you notice me in the sea of all the information that constantly bludgeons you (pun totally intended) every waking moment. But I know I have to try.

So, as with every new book release, there will be changes. I’m finally getting around to setting up my author page on GoodReads. I’m probably going to have an email list set up soon on this blog. I may even change the look of this blog. It’s been a while. I’m pretty sure my website header is not smart-phone friendly. Who knows? With any luck I might even get interview in a podcast. That might be kind of cool.

Stay posted, those of you who might actually give a crap. I’m comin’ for ya.

Movin’ On

So, as many of you veteran readers of my series are already aware, I always put an excerpt of my next book into the end of my current book. And so it goes with Dairyland Murders Book 6: Woman in the Wind. Dairyland Murders Book 7: Pastor in the Pasture takes place in the dead of the Northwest Wisconsin winter. It’s cold, desolate, and the perfect setting to discover a body.
I do this for a couple of really good reasons. As a series, there is an expectation of moving on to the next book, so an excerpt gives the reader something to look forward to. The other, and for me, more important reason, is it gets my brain thinking about the next batch of twists, turns, and action packed revelations of the crime or crimes that will need to be solved.
The discovered body is just the metaphorical onion bulb. There’s still the ground to lay for the planting, the weather the bulb has to grow through and finally the harvest of the onion with all its varying layers ready for the reader to slowly unravel to get to the heart.
So, please, acquire (however you may do, though buying would be helpful for me, wink, wink) Dairyland Murders Book 6: Woman in the Wind, on preorder for the Bargain price of $3.99 at your favorite ebook retailer (release date: December 26th), and get ready for the preorder of Dairyland Murders Book 7: Pastor in the Pasture on December 27th. Happy Holidays!

Preorder and Save 20%!

The preorder for Dairyland Murders Book 6: Woman in the Wind was set up this morning. It is available on Smashwords now. It should be available on all the other distributors in the next couple of days (probably hours, but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep).

And as an added incentive to get you to commit with a preorder, the book will be offered at a discounted price of $3.99, 1 whole dollar off until the release date of December 26th, after which the regular price of $4.99 (again for the ebook) will commence. That’s 20% off for you math oriented people.

Why do I do this? Preorders stack up and are not counted toward my sales until the release date. That means all the sales will show up on December 26th, theoretically boosting my sales ranking with distributors and moving me up in their listings.

That’s also why I’m offering Dairyland Murders Book 7: Pastor in the Pasture as a preorder on December 27 with a release date 12 months out. That means the preorders should accumulate over the course of the year and show up in my sales ranking on that release date. It also forces me to keep to a deadline, so my readers will have the security of knowing when to expect the next book.

So preorder, please. It’s good for you. It’s good for me. And in an infinitesimal way, it’s good for the economy.