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Stitching the Plot Back Together

The first book: Head in a Haymow must have been bursting forth from my brain because it only took two and a half months to write. The Second Book: Femur in the Fieldstone took nine months, like a literary baby if you will. I started Book 3: Cop Incognito at the end of book two, starting actual writing sometime in early November. It’s now March and I’m on page 27 (out of about 175 pages before I change the page size and type size for publishing). Not very impressive, ha?

See, the problem is with each book the existing characters have to evolve, and new characters have to be created. Every book needs new killers, new victims, new ways to kill the victims, and interesting ways to solve the murders. And in case that’s not enough pressure, my books also have a romantic aspect to them, so there are also the ongoing relationships and that extraneous baggage.

Young people falling in love, in my opinion, is relatively uncomplicated because they haven’t had enough experience at, well, much of anything to muddy the waters. Old people (don’t get offended, you know who you are), on the other hand, are complicated by their life experiences and the imprints left behind, good and bad. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing these older characters. I’m old. I can relate. Besides, it’s job security. Starting a new book? Pull long lost so-and-so out of the woodwork and watch your characters squirm.

But it’s pulling all that crap together to make a cohesive book that’s a challenge. I’m a lazy perfectionist, not a good combination. I’ve had the outline for “Cop” done for a while now. I know how it’s going to end. I know the last sentence in the book and who says it. I’ve just figured out a couple of weeks ago, though, what the status of the main character’s relationship is going to be. I was having problems with one of the antagonists because the person seemed too obvious to me. I just figured out a couple of days ago how to fix that.

I crochet pillows as gifts for people who are special to me (hang on here, there’s a point). They are hard to start because I created the pattern myself and I never seem to begin at the same stitch twice. Then, once I get going, I can go to town, and before I know it, one side of the pillow is done. Then I have to start the other side. Several attempts to pick up the right stitch again, and I’m crocheting like a mad woman; side two, done, bam. Um, yeah, now I have to stitch it all back up, make sure both sides match-stitch to stitch, stuff it with fiberfill, close the hole, add the frill on the edge, and cinch the middle with a bow. If I made an entire pillow in one sitting, it would take seven hours. At minimum wage, that’s a fifty dollar pillow, not counting yarn.

Good things usually take time, but if you begin on the right stitch, a complicated pattern will weave together to form a satisfying result.

Amery Reading Done

Not too bad. About nine people showed. That’s respectable. Lots of books bought (including a nefarious purchase in a dark parking lot…DA DA DA!). I know both novels are going across the pond in exchange for a copy of a very talented friend’s screen play. I read one book standing, and one book sitting. Like the way my voice sounds standing, but the water bottle was cumbersome and caused some unintentional comic relief. Husband suggested I switch to a sippy cup with a straw. Next reading is in Milltown. Used to have our business there, so I’m hoping for a good turnout.  Thanks for coming guys. Always a pleasure. Keep reading. Cross you fingers for Book 3. I’m shootin’ for June, Baby!

Book Reading in Amery

My next Author Event is at the Amery Public Library tomorrow night at 6pm. Some Family and friends will hopefully be there. I’m going to insist on standing this time, give my diaphragm some room. There’s probably gonna be cookies. That’s cool. I’ll bring some water too. Might read a different part this time, some with more Agent Wyatt in it. Come if you’re in the area. I’d love to meet you.