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You never know…

The thing that really scares me about electing a new president is that they become so insulated once they get into office. It really starts to feel to me like many of those who have political aspirations seem to forget that they are public servants as much as they are self servants. As a public servant, that means that EVERYONE’s opinion has to be taken into account. Everyone matters.

The next public program our government decides to cut could effect the family who has the kid that might someday figure out the best gene therapy to stop Alzheimer’s or invent the next semi-conductor that reduces resistance on power lines and saves the country trillions of dollars in lost energy costs.

Every human being born in this country has the potential to do something amazing with their life, regardless of the social circumstances they are born into. When our government discounts someone’s worth because they can’t be pigeon holed into a desired demographic, they do the entire country a great disservice. Instead of lowering our expectations of people based on their lack of privilege, we should elevate our expectations of all of our citizens and instill in them the possibilities for greatness. Only then can we rise above the quagmire of infighting and placing blame, and finally solve real problems.

If a corporation is indeed a person, as the supreme court deemed true, than it is a greedy, callous, selfish person, and our country should not be run like one.

Don’t forget, you can’t bitch if you don’t vote. Just sayin’ in my gripish fashion.


Author Appearance in Hastings, MN today!

If you’re in the Twin Cities Metro and out and about, come see me at the Hastings Senior Center on 4th and River streets. I’m introducing Book 3 and doing a Q&A, maybe even a reading. Love to see you there! It’s at 6:30pm.

Aren’t writers suppose to, you know, write?

I really admire those writers out there who faithfully sit down at their desk the same time every day and pound out, say, a thousand words. Wow! Good for you! I just have one question: Are you independently wealthy?

Do you have a housekeeper,a gardener, a nanny, and a secretary all on retainer because your sugar daddy (or mamma) keep them all paid, so all you have to do is write?

If you are sensing just a smidge of bitterness, there’s a reason for it. I have 4 different part time jobs this month. Four! And those are just the jobs with a W2’s attached to them. I also help the hubby juggle all the bills for our small business, the rental property, and our home. Oh yeah, and I have that whole silly book marketing thing to do too.

Book 3 is just about ready to be completely launched on this site, but this site’s not enough. I need a Facebook page. I redesigned the cover for Book 3, so Book 1 and 2 need new covers to update the branding of the whole series. I have two readings this month. I don’t have any for November. I need to call people again and set up appearance dates.

And household chores? Ha! Laundry gets done when the dirty pile next to the bed starts to block the door. Cat boxes get cleaned out when the basement can no longer be entered without gagging. When the dust bunnies on the floor start to develop into recognizable creatures, a broom might be utilized.

And yet, somewhere in this morass that is my life, I do manage to write. It’s rarely the same time every day, and it might only be a quickly penned idea, but it happens and it’s selfishly all mine. At this point I’ll take what I can get. Someone go fetch my housekeeper and tell her the cat puked on the rug again. Oh yeah…I forgot… Sigh…