Reading in Milltown…Hope I have books

So, here’s the deal.  After my reading in Amery, I got down to 5 books, 2 of Book 2, and 3 of Book 1. So I ordered 15 copies of each book on the 19th. Today is March 29th, and they are not here yet. I have a book reading in Milltown this evening at 7pm, and I’m going to have to show up like a nimrod and apologize for having no books. I have to hand out vouchers. Ugh.

What did I learn. Order books as soon as humanly possible and keep a consistent inventory in stock. There still might be a chance that I go to the post office in an hour and a half and have two heavy boxes waiting for me…but I’m not holding my breath. Of course if only three people show up, well then I’m probably set.

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