I have to say, to all of you who actually get to go somewhere and enjoy summer, I am sooo jealous.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints (buy more books, dammit!) and over-scheduling, I have to bow out of two-count ’em-two weekend getaways this summer.

The first was my husband’s family reunion in South Dakota. I really wanted to go to that because my Third Book takes place in that area.

The second was the “girly trip” that I take with my mom, sister, mom’s friend and other female aunts and cousins that migrate in and out every year. This year we were going to the South Shore of Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands.

Vacation is just not practical right now, and even if I could get the time off from my two jobs, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself anyway because I’d be too worried about money and the stuff that wouldn’t be getting done.

Instead, I wander around my tiny new garden every morning and ooh and ahh at every single new blossom that decides the grace me with its presence. I grab a book and give myself twenty minutes of peace before bed. I sneak in a bike ride down the trail near the house, peddling as fast as I can to outrun the deer flies.

I’ll do my best to glean whatever joy I can in between necessary chores. Even as busy as I am, the fleeting urgency of the nice weather is not lost on me. I know all too soon, another winter approaches.

I hope the rest of you take some while you can too. Heck, take some extra time for me. Take my books with you on your next well-earned vacation. Perhaps, as you sit on the beach or in some quaint cafe, you can read my books, and I can live vicariously through you. However, if you’re going to flirt with the swarthy towel boy/waiter, make sure he’s cute.


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