Chronicles of the Validation Junkie – Prt 1

That really should be the title of my blog. I’ve never been good at simply believing in myself. Kudos to the lucky people that are. Self-confidence is a rare gift. I apparently missed the occasion when that particular gift was passed out (I was probably late because I was ripping my closet apart in abject frustration, trying to find something presentable to wear). So instead, here I sit hovering around friends and loved ones like a compliment parasite, waiting to feed off the smallest molecule of positive reinforcement.

It’s sad really. They have better things to do with their time than give me silly pep talks, but oh how I need them, especially when life is particularly overwhelming, like now.

That’s why when the lady at the bank tells me she’s anxiously waiting for me to get Book 3 done, I feel a little less like a fraud. Maybe this whole writing thing isn’t a complete waste of time. Maybe someone out in the ethos is actually reading this drivel I post, and is not just some spammer going through the motions.

If so, I sincerely hope that my drivel is at least entertaining.

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