Making Connections

Just about any writer will tell you that they spend a lot of time alone. It’s kind of job requirement. The alternate universe in a writer’s head feeds on that solitary existence. It gains more credence with less outside stimuli…well, most of the time. There is a bit of a loneliness factor. It has nothing to do with interacting with normal people. I do that all the time. It has to do with interacting with other writers.

I was invited to a local writer’s guild. The lady who invited me was very nice, as were all the other women there. It was a romance writer’s guild, officially a local chapter of the RWA. That was fine with me. My work is a mystery/romance series, maybe with a higher body count than a typical romance, but with an ongoing love story nevertheless.

However, I only went that one time. I did not join. As with most “official” clubs, it was resided over by a set of officers, specifically one domineering president. They also had homework.  I’m sure writing exercises are great. I just know I’ll never do them if I’m not getting paid for it. Overall, the whole experience felt stifling rather than comforting.

There’s a closer, general writing club with a different organization, but it’s during the day when I’m working at one of my W2 jobs. So the search continues.

I know of two other writers in my area. Debbie helped with editing on Book 1, and she’s an award winning published poet. The other is Nick. He’s a screenwriter who does a lot of work with production companies in the Cities on the side.  I love talking to both of them, but I’m still a bit shy about looking them up and injecting myself into their social lives. It feels desperate.

Such is the conundrum. Emotionally awkward people trying to make connections with other people who are also probably emotionally awkward, but no-one wants to be a bother, wear out their welcome, stick their necks out.

Maybe this is why Hemingway was hammered all the time. I don’t know about you, but I’m way more social when I’m shitfaced. Probably not as intelligent-sounding, but definitely more social. Perhaps a writer’s round table at the local watering hole on a weeknight might be in order. That requires contact and invitations, doesn’t it? Maybe I should have a beer first and think about it…maybe two.

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