The Last Two Pages

I always claim that I work better under pressure, but the fact is, since I procrastinate like I’m getting paid for it, I’m pretty much always under pressure to get things done.

This screen play is no different. In some ways I’m glad I didn’t hurry through it. Some ideas improve upon contemplation. But it’s getting down to the wire, and I still have two pages left. I know how I want it to end now. The story is actually ending sooner than I had intended, but the cliff hanger is properly dramatic. Even if it never evolves beyond the script, I might still do a couple more episodes, just to feel like I satisfactorily filled out the plot. It’s just that final push, that final scene that buttons everything up right before the big gasp and “cut to black” that is waiting expectantly to become tangible.

I know once I write it, I’ll be happy. Yet, here I am on my blog, writing about finishing it, instead of actually…you know, finishing it.

Sigh…Maybe when I get home tonight. The dialog just isn’t quite there…. The scenes running through the voice over are necessary, but are they jiving with the dialogue?

“Just write the damn thing already! Don’t you have a book to get back to or something?”

Oh, right. The book….

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