Five Pages a Day

I won’t lie. I’m not the most organized squirrel in the tree. Visit my office on any given day, and you would see for yourself. The debate as to whether organization helps or hinders creativity is still raging. I’m sure I have the article I printed out about it…somewhere, probably hidden under something that didn’t get put away in the right place. Anyway, scheduling out my day is a form of organization, and admittedly I am bad at keeping to that schedule. That is why I set deadlines. That is why I publicly announce deadlines.

I am a huge procrastinator, but I am also perpetually guilt-ridden. Therefore, the only thing that will not compel me to put a task off is the shame of not completing said task and disappointing others.

I have at least 5 editors waiting for Book 4, Torso in the Torrent. At this writing, I have 40-8 1/2 x 11 inch pages or 70-5×8 inch pages written. I have just announced to them that I will have the book written for them to edit at the end of July. To get near the 300 page goal I set for myself for every book, I will have to write at least 8 pages every single day between now and then. That’s 5-letter paper sized pages every day. No biggy right? I’m suppose to be a writer after all. What’s five lousy pages?

That’s just it. It can’t be five lousy pages. It has to be five marginally brilliant pages. The relationships and crimes have to sinc up and dance like a literary tango, hypnotizing the reader with it’s rush of passion and mystery. The rhythm needs to be spot on. The timing of dips and twirls needs to excite and enchant. If the reader doesn’t want to follow the dance, the entire exercise is pointless.

Jesus, Chris. No Pressure.


One Response to “Five Pages a Day”

  • Brenda Boe:

    oh geez don’t hurry on our account!!!!! a little pressure is ok, but don’t let it take away from the pleasure of writing. savor every sentence, paragraph, and page……I know we will!!!