Book Reading at Luck Library a Huge Success!

Thank you so very much to the Luck Public Library and Jill and Colleen. Including me there were a DOZEN PEOPLE! Holy crap! I was literally shaking my fists in the air like a mentally disturbed woman who got Yatzee in the asylum rec room. I was that happy! Fruits salad and cookies¬† were plentiful as promised. I read TWO excerpts from Book 4: Torso in the Torrent Copyright 2012. I talked everyone’s ears off (not literally; that would be counterproductive), and they probably bought a few books to shut me the hell up. I tend to babble when I’m happy. It’s probably why I compulsively scat nonsensical songs while I’m cooking, because the anticipation of a meal makes me happy. Anyhow, here’s evidence of my captives and my madcap grin of joy:

captives and madcap author at Luck Public Library

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA captives and madcap author at Luck Public Library

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