The plays in my head.

Right now, I’m struggling through getting the first four books from my series functional and out to those who will enjoy them. When it becomes overwhelming, I stop and let my brain play in the uncharted water of new writing, namely the next book in the series and the next script idea.

I understand the reason for the big picture stuff that drives the plot and sets the stage for the action and suspense. But left to its own devices, my brain likes to frolic in the micro-nuances of the the character interactions. That’s the fun part for me.

I like to zone in on those subtle gestures that are habitual, telling, reenforcing a character’s personality at any given time or place. I concentrate on the dialogue between characters, the reciprocation of affection or antipathy. I focus in on the inner monologue that can almost reveal more about upcoming actions than outright explanation sometimes can (though obviously NOT in a script).

The little scenes in my head can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s nice to know I have an acceptable outlet for my active imagination, I’m often stymied by how observant I am of the details that present themselves for my stories, while I’m totally missing the obvious in reality due to constant distraction. How does one live in the present when their mind is somewhere else? Yoga’s just about impossible for me. It’s really hard to focus when my brain is busy watching two people in an alternate universe having sex, or fighting,  or struggling to live.

Thank God breathing is involuntary.

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