Out of the woodwork…

Every once in a while, celebrity news programs will do a “Where Are They Now?” sequence of stories about long lost actors from old TV shows of Yore. Some of those famed actors would have gone on to more successful gigs, while others may have simply faded into obscurity.

It becomes very handy for me as a writer to use that same philosophy with some of the minor characters from previous books in the series. For one thing, I don’t have to come up with a new name (which, believe it or not, is harder than it sounds). And if they were really just a foot note, consisting of a paragraph or two, the sky is pretty much the limit on where I can take them in their re-introduction.

Maybe they were a pie-in-the-sky character whose reality never lived up to their expectations. Maybe they were branded a villain previously, and were never given the chance to prove themselves otherwise. Maybe their mold had already been set and they turned out exactly the way you and I expected them to. So many possibilities to choose from.

I reiterate that I am glad that Bernice and Evan met in their mid to late thirties. There’s a good three decades worth of people from their pasts with which to work with. I’m just chomping at the bit to show you “Where They Are Now.”

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