Location, location, location

One of the pleasures of writing this series is sharing my impressions of various places around the Upper Midwest with you, my readers. I am aware that some see this part of the US as “fly over country”, which sounds to me like it’s somehow being deemed as an inconvenience to tolerate between coastlines. I hope that reading my books might convince people otherwise.

Yes, there is a rawness to this place. Sometimes it is in fact bleak with its lack of civilization. But that isolation can be good for the soul. Removal from the constant white noise and blur of other humans, seeming to always crush in around you, can bring a clarity never before experienced. We need to be humbled by our own smallness in the scope of the natural world once in a while. Otherwise, we deceive ourselves into believing that we are in control of the universe, rather than merely being a part of it.

Some of the locations I describe are like old friends to me. I picked my way along deer trails and cow paths through brushy wood and neglected pastures. I traversed ravines above dried out creek beds blanketed with moss. I slipped and slid along sandy gullies left behind by logging machines that removed decades old forests in a manner of weeks. I’ve climbed ancient river bluffs and marveled at the enormous geological events that put them there. And I’ve meditated on the shores of the Great Lakes, feeling blessed that I get to live in such a dynamic and powerful place.

But the Upper Midwest is not as desolate as it may seem. People exist here in small pockets of communities, brought together by either fate or design. And it is through them that I glean my characters, and you get to witness this place through their eyes. They get to experience the history, the successes and failures of progress, the way nature takes back what humans leave behind and makes proper use of it. My characters are affected by their environment as much as by each other.

The location is it’s own character in my series. Book Six will be no exception. I hope you enjoy where I take you next.

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