The unapologetic smut peddler strikes again…

Just so everyone is on the same page, let me state quite clearly here and now:

My Series is NOT a cozy mystery series.

There, I said it. My characters can and do curse (including breaking that pesky third commandment). My characters have sex, and I am not squeamish about describing it. And there are parts that are probably gory enough to make your toes curl. I am not exaggerating when I tell people the series contains adult language and adult situations.

If you picked up one of my books expecting a PG novel with all the smut and scary stuff discretely left in the void between chapters, I’m guessing you were greatly disappointed. Return it if you can. Voice your opinion. That’s your prerogative. Call me whatever names you like to salve the emotional boo boo I put on your scarred psyche.

But don’t expect an apology, because you’re not getting one.


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